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My Top 5 Best Action Games of All Time

Action games is one genre that yif you do not know it entirely you should not talk about it. It starts at the beginning of gaming era and it does not have an end. Chosing best action games is not an easy job. It’s even harder to make this shorter of a list with best action games we think everyone should play today. There are many more good action games than this list will tell. But if you want to have a good list of best action games of all time than this is where you can start.

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)


Of all al the game’s series, this installment has something that none of the other has. It has a character with which you can connect and have a longing for while you can also be a manace to the world. Niko has been deceived by his relatives and he is going into war with someone which we all can’t do it in real life, but we would like a lot to see someone else do it. Niko goes to war against the Russian mobs which is one great setup for an action game.

Whilst the rest of the gameplay is pretty much in the same dimension as we al lknow GTA series is, the narrative aspect adds a completely new meaning which makes GTA IV more than a GTA game. More game developers should take their lesson from the story nuances of GTA IV and understand that characters and story in gaming really do matter as much as the gameplay, graphics and game design.

Max Payne (2001)

max payne

Another great game which proves that story and character dynamics are important in a video game. Great gameplay with matrix like moments and a lot of killing and a classic film-noir nuances that fit well together in creating a good action game that everyone should try. A lot of games have been inspired and tried to replicate the overall feeling and emotional impact of Max Payne. The original will always stand straight when it comes to new mplementing some concepts that have never been tried before.

Max Payne is good for its ability to connect with the character. You want him avenge his wife and you are actually the one that takes him to his final goal. You are not just the hero but you are also the enemy of your own thoughts and destructive behaviors. Combine this with blood and emotional imbalances between extreme evil and the care for the loved one and you get all you need to be entertained how neither a game or a film can do on their own. Max Payne is the result of great story and character with good action elements and good gampley overall and this is why it makes to this list of top action games of all time.

Resident Evil 4 (2005)

resident evil 4

If you consider yourself a video game player and you do not know about Resident Evil 4, then you are not one. One of my favourite games is also one of he best games you can play. Not just within the confinements of action games genre. This game has all you expect a good game to have. Gameplay, game design, graphics, characters, bosses, story, puzzles, cut scenes, music, dialogue. Each of these aspects work together in a symbiosis to create one of the most unforgettable experiences.

Whatever your gaming tastes, RE4 will blow you away by the end of it. There is not one moment where you can say anything bad at all about the game. There are moments of pure action and moments of silence. Both and anything in-between are equally engaging and keep you glued to the screen and forget about everything else. It is a unique experience which anyone should try. A true masterpeice of the gaming world which should be a reference point for anyone dreaming of making an epic game.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2003)

prince of persia sands of time

A game that followed a different path comapred to all other games and it actually prove it to be the best one. A small gimmick makes the concept of checkpoints questionable. In Prince of Persiea: Sands of Time you have the ability to reverse time whenever you make a mistake. This is well implemented within the overall story of the game and maybe it is the reason why not so many games attempted this approach even to this day. Even if the followoing sequels were a good play, SoT is till the best one to try out if you want to understand why this game make it to this top action games of all time.

Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven (2002)

Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven

One game that can easily be on the lips of many as one of the best classic games of all time. So different from what we were used to then, yet so much flow and believability between the characters and the story. What stands out in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is its level of difficulty. But this is not at all to stop you from playing it. The story value makes you go through hell and back to see Tommy Angelo’s next mission assignment to please the big guys. I rememeber the racing part which I did at least 50 times and I was still ready for the 51th time as I was for the first one. A game that you cannot plan to make it as good as it came out. You know how good it is after the whole world sees it.

Although the backbone of the story is the same idea of most famous mafia films it is still one of the best experiences to emerge into. A great game si a game that makes you want the character to win at all costs. When this is combined with the quality of being able to help him achieve his ultimate goals, this is pure gold. Films can only make you watch and hope. Games take this one step further and make you responsible for your good and bad decsioins you make along the way.

Final Words

Really unfortunate that the following installments did not manage to make it even close to what Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven is as a game. However, it is still a totally playable game. It easily goes under any list of top action games of all time, be it as small as a top 5 list.

What are your thoughts regarding this small lis of op acion games? Does it sounds well tou your ears or is there anything you would want to comment? Let us kow your thoughts on the comments section.

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