How to Get Free Platinum in Warframe – Best Method

Here on you will finally get what you are looking for. Too many sites are offering malicious softwares to give you free platinum in warframe which can later create more problems than actually help you. If you are still looking for how to get free platinum in warframe you are about to finally get it. It is not easy for so many of us to buy the platinum with real money. Farming can also take away from the fun of the game. This is why sometimes we need a warframe free platinum solution that guys like you and me can benefit from.

Game Currencies

There are many aspects about these big companies and how they make money using currencies such as platinum. Each game has its own systems and it is our job de breakdown these systems and find ways to work around them. Our servers have the ability to generate genuine platinum into your account. Using latest technology we can do this without being detected by the securuty servers. What is best about this warfrme free platinum tool is that you do not have to pay a dime. All you need is to complete the necessary steps and you will have your share of free platinum.

The Platinum Problem

It is not normal for a company to design a game where the currency plays such a big role. How to get free platinum in warframe has been an increasingly popular topic over the years. People are feeling rather discontent towards buying platinum. It was supposed to be a game enhancer but not a game changer. Skill is also important, but in Warframe skill can be overcome by platinum and this is not the way it should be. It is not a moral approach towards a game which is also played by younger ones which cannot afford buying platinum.

I remember how troubling it was for me as a kid to buy stuff in games. It was not a comfortable scenario and tihis was making the gaming experience so frustrating at times. In warframe this aspect is amplified. You really need platinum if you want to stand a chance against your enemies. This is why it is imperative to have a free platinum solution. Learning how to get free platinum in warframe is a neat and rewarding teaching which will greatly increase our rate of succes and your level of joy playing warframe.

How One Gets Free Platinum in Warframe

In order to get your hands on the free platinum you need to visit the warframe platinum hack page where you can easily get warframe free platinum in just a few simple steps. First you will have to enter your account username. On the next step you will have to select the amount of free platinum you want to add into our account. After that you will have to select your location. In order to make your account completely safe agasint detection and banning you necessarily have to activate the next two features. These are the main reason behind why is this warframe free platinum has been so effective and why is it still alive today. It was not detected because your accounts were not detected as using warframe hacks.

how to get free platinum in warframe

Afte that you need to click the generate button which will start the generating process. You have to wait around 5 to 10 minutes before your platinum is shown into your account. For more about this warframe hack tool visit the contact us page. We are ready to answer youany questions you might have concening this new method that teaches you how to get free platinum in warframe. It is easy, straightforward and you do not have to download any files to your device.

7 Worst Action Game Sequels

7 Worst Action Game Sequels We All Remember


deus ex the invisible war

When a game it is near perfect and you want to make it good by removing what made it good in the first place you get this. Deus Ex: The Invisible War. All the fun was removed by removing the RPG elements. The game became soulless and looked like they were trying to compete with Halo rather than satisfying their fans. It was a shame that such a big hit was almost ruined by this sequel. The cyberpunk sci-fi genre was started along with good RPG elements. And you have to continue like this if you started it in the same way. Hopefully the devleopers learnt a good lesson from this and they will not make errors like this again.



duke nukem forever

So much time on hold for this game. When it came out nobody could believe it. A plot that did not came even close to the feeling and eeriness of the first Duke Nukem. The dialogues were most of the times out of place and forced. They tried too much to do it perfect and they ended up with a child’s play work. It barely has any connection with the first one except from the visuals. It does not deliver the same emotions of uncertainty and fear which was what made the first Duke Nukem such a big hit. Duke Nukem Forever was a disappointing sequel that we all want to forget.



metroid other m

A game that was doomed to fail right from the start. They did not initially planned to change the overall style and gameplay, but they mixed up three different teams to create Metroid: Other M. Teams that were never involved in Metroid games before. This is why this sequel failed to take the Prime series to the next level. Too many concepts from different teams made the game look out of place and confusing at times. If they have been using the same team which created the previous games, maybe Other M would have been a greater success than its predecessors. Unfortunately, it made it to the lists of worst action games sequels of all time.



pac man 2 new adventures

I don’t even know why this game is even called Pac-Man. Nobody knows actually. There is nothing relating to Pac-Man here except that the figures look like Pac-Man. The game is actually controversial to some extent. You can go inside people’s houses when they are gone. And if the kid is inside the home alone you can do whatever you want with him. This was maybe meant to be funny but I cannot see how would this have a funny conotation. This is definitely not a Pac-Man game and someone just used the name to get his sick game developed and published. I wish Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures was never created. It is definitely not a Pac-Man game and it is certainly not a good video game in any regards.



silent hill homecoming

One of my favorite names in video games. I rarely have the patience to play a game until the very end. Any small aspect which looks like the developers didn’t do their best to make it and I’m done with it. Silent Hill managed to keep me playing it a few times until the very end. But not the Silent Hill: Homecoming sequel. The story and plot of the game has barely anything to do with the “Silent Hill” title. The game starts with the story of a returning soldier who has access to many weapons which will help him defeat enemies. This sounds more like Resident Evil game rather than Silent Hill game. Silent Hill: Homecoming did not have any sense of continuity between any previous series and for this reason it fails dramatically. They did try something different, they got burned and now they know what to not do again.



turok evolution

Turok series was a game that everyone liked. Initially, the hero and the story were created as a comic book franchise. All N64 intallments of Turok series are top picks for any classic gamer or action games fan. They have a story, characters and even good graphics for the time. Turok: Evolution on the PS2 console was even worse in graphics compared to rhe N64 Turok. It has no real story whatsoever, or at least – nobody can follow it because it is impossible. Even the weapons were a failure in this forgetfull experience. So we have no story, no graphics, no real motivation to play this game and maybe the worst villain ever concieved in any video game. Tobias Bruckner is enough to remember any game historian of one of the worst sequels ever, Turok: Evolution



super mario bros 2

I am so sad that I even have to mention this. I feel like all my life has been a lie. Know it or not, but Super Mario Bros. 2 was actually a total copy of another game created by Nintendo as well. To be honest it never felt like a Mario game and never could figure out what Nintendo tried to in Super Mario Bros. 2. The original game is called Yume Kojo Doki Doki Panic and if you look at a video gameplay on youtube you will be suprised and mad at the same time. It is copy-paste the same game except different colors, caracters and different music. Compared to the next sequel, Super Mario Bros. 3 this one does not fit with it in any way. It is a mystery why Nintendo did this. However, today we know this cannot happen again and I guess they redeemed themselves in many ways by delivering some of the best games ever made.


What do you think about these action games list of worst sequels? Do you agree with this list or not? There are many games that did not make it to the list even though we wish these were the only ones out there. It becomes a trend today to make games worst as producers release new sequels. Hopefully it will come to an end soon. We do not want a similar scenario as it happens in the film industry where you can barely pick a good sequel whatsoever. Which worst game sequel do you believe should have made to this list and which should not even be in this kind of list? Let us know using the comments section below.

golden eagles generator logo

War Thunder – Golden Eagles Generator

War thunder is a unique game that delivers a unique experience. If you are a war thunder player and you are having problems buying golden eagles then you came to the right place. The right place because we not sell golden eagles but we give free golden eagles. To be able to give huge amounts of free eagles we have created the war thunder golden eagles generator. Using this tool you will no longer look for methods and tutorials on how to get golden eagles in war thunder. The answer is simple. You can see the war thunder golden eagles generator to generate vast amounts of free eagles daily.

How The Golden Eagles Generator Works

What Are Golden Eagles

The golden eagles is one of the currencies in War Thunder. It is also the currency you can buy with real money. You need golden eagles to purchase various goods or even other lesser currencies within the game. You have a lot of freedom to customize and to advance within your game if you have access to lots of free golden eagles. The war thunder golden eagles generator will provide you with the right amounts of golden eagles to make your stay on servers a lot more pleasant and appealing. Without any golden eagles flow, war thunder is a rather boring game which does fall flat over time. It is imperative to have golden eagles in war thunder. You can more easily advance your crew, buy new planes and upgrade your equipments.

Using the Golden Eagles Generator

When having access to the golden eagles generator there are some things to know before you start using it. First and foremost you will not be able to generate more than 19000 free eagles per day. This is the highest amount possible you can add using this specific war thunder golden eagles generator. Go to war thunder hack page to get direct access to the tool. Then again, you also have to be aware that you cannot use the hack tool unless your account is over 2 months old. This prevents people generating tons of free eagles on multiple accounts. It will help our servers be more filled and ready for the ones that really need golden eagles for their own benefit.

A World of Hacks

In today’s world it is important to have a solution where we receive mutual understanding. Games such as War Thunder are played by people all over the world. The worls is not consistent, but rather inconsistent. There are countreis which are still havign very low wages when compared to other big countreis such as USA, UK, CAnada, Australia. Other countries have wages as low as 200$ per month. As you can imagine these folks cannot afford buying stuff such as golden eagles. They barely have enough money to survive. People like these are using games such as war thunder to get away from the stress and troubles of the everyday life.

golden eagles generator logo

Games should be for them a way to forget about the financial struggles but not to remind them. The war thunder golden eagles generator will help them forget about the real world and finally have a better experience of life within the virtual realms. Having a daily limit upon the amount of free golden eagles you can get is a great advantage when it comes to tools like these. So many programmers are creating these kind of programs without a limit whatsoever. These programs are easily detected and taken down in short time.

Limited Free Golden Eagles

However, having a daily limit along with other cool features made us really successful within this world of video games hacks. You will not be able to generate other amounts apart from the amounts you found on the war thudner store. You will only be able to generate maximum 19000 free golden eagles in one go. This will eliminate any risk of being detected. More about this war thunder golden eagles generator on the official page locatd at website.

Golden Eagles Generator Which Is Easy To Use

war thunder golden eagles generator

So now you know how to get golden eagles in war thunder easily and without paying any money. Using our golden eagles generator this is easy and straightforward. All you need is to enter your username, select the amount of golden eagles, select your location and finally activate the safety features. Use the contact page if you encounter any issues along the way.

imvu credits hack generator

Free IMVU Credits Hack Generator – Unlimited Free Credits

IMVU is a game where a lot of people meet and intereact through the so called ‘avatars’. This is a 3d based avatar game where you express your emotions through various moves and animations. It is overall a fun game and it is not really as good as other similar games in this genre such as Second Life. However, IMVU is currently our top pick because of one thing. We can use today the free imvu credits hack to get your favourite accessories for your avatar. Having imvu free credits you will have a more successful virtual life and you will make a lot more firends in IMVU.

What Are Credits

Credits are used to buy clothing and accessories such as braceletes, rings, necklaces. It is the currency of the game which you can use to buy all these stuff. IMVU is not as good as Second Life as an overall experience, but definitely beats everything when it comes to the diversity in clothing and accessories. You can find whatever you have in mind on the IMVU shop. To be able to try out as many outfits as possible you need credits. Lots of credits. You can have unlimited amounts of free credits using the new free imvu credits hack. This will be the best tool you will ever use in your IMVU adventure.

Why Free Credits

IMVU is the type of game that requires you to pay huge amounts for their credits. A small team of people are running everything in IMVU. The prices for credits are a rip-off and even more they did everything they can to prove their greddyness. Back in the days it used to be a reseller program which was shut down because IMVU was not making enough money. So they took money away from the samll players and put it into their big pockets. Not a fun move to make.

imvu credits hack generator proof

Aside from this, having free credits will make the game more balanced. What we mean by that? So many players are having funds from their parents and afford to buy everything. Even more, IMVU is a world-wide game. Anyone from any place can acess and take place into the IMVU adventure. Unfortunately, not all countries are having it as good as USA or Canada or any other similar country. Other countries are struggling and the population is struggling. In these conditions none can afford to spend money on stuff such as credits. This is why a free imvu credits generator will be more than helpful.

People are playing games to escape for a brief moment from the real world. Playing IMVU without ever having the possbility to get some credits is a rather frustrating experience than a joyful one. The imvu free credits hack will bring a plus of joy and relief for many IMVU players.

How to Use the Free IMVU Credits Hack

imvu credits hack geenrator screen

In order to access this tool there are certain conditions and limitations. You cannot use it if your IMVU account is less than two months old. This prevents our servers being constantly overloaded because of players generating more credits than they actualy need using multiple accounts. Next, you will have to be careful because you need to activate some safety features in order to make your free credits transfer as safe as possible. You can read more about these features and how to activte them on the official imvu free credits website where you can also access the imvu free credits generator straight from your browser. It is easy to use, efficient, reliable and of course, 100% safe. Few gaming hacks are ever as safe as this imvu hack. So don’t hesitate for a moment and take full advantage of the best tool for IMVU.

IMVU Free Credits in 2 Minutes or Less

top action games of all time

My Top 5 Best Action Games of All Time

Action games is one genre that yif you do not know it entirely you should not talk about it. It starts at the beginning of gaming era and it does not have an end. Chosing best action games is not an easy job. It’s even harder to make this shorter of a list with best action games we think everyone should play today. There are many more good action games than this list will tell. But if you want to have a good list of best action games of all time than this is where you can start.

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)


Of all al the game’s series, this installment has something that none of the other has. It has a character with which you can connect and have a longing for while you can also be a manace to the world. Niko has been deceived by his relatives and he is going into war with someone which we all can’t do it in real life, but we would like a lot to see someone else do it. Niko goes to war against the Russian mobs which is one great setup for an action game.

Whilst the rest of the gameplay is pretty much in the same dimension as we al lknow GTA series is, the narrative aspect adds a completely new meaning which makes GTA IV more than a GTA game. More game developers should take their lesson from the story nuances of GTA IV and understand that characters and story in gaming really do matter as much as the gameplay, graphics and game design.

Max Payne (2001)

max payne

Another great game which proves that story and character dynamics are important in a video game. Great gameplay with matrix like moments and a lot of killing and a classic film-noir nuances that fit well together in creating a good action game that everyone should try. A lot of games have been inspired and tried to replicate the overall feeling and emotional impact of Max Payne. The original will always stand straight when it comes to new mplementing some concepts that have never been tried before.

Max Payne is good for its ability to connect with the character. You want him avenge his wife and you are actually the one that takes him to his final goal. You are not just the hero but you are also the enemy of your own thoughts and destructive behaviors. Combine this with blood and emotional imbalances between extreme evil and the care for the loved one and you get all you need to be entertained how neither a game or a film can do on their own. Max Payne is the result of great story and character with good action elements and good gampley overall and this is why it makes to this list of top action games of all time.

Resident Evil 4 (2005)

resident evil 4

If you consider yourself a video game player and you do not know about Resident Evil 4, then you are not one. One of my favourite games is also one of he best games you can play. Not just within the confinements of action games genre. This game has all you expect a good game to have. Gameplay, game design, graphics, characters, bosses, story, puzzles, cut scenes, music, dialogue. Each of these aspects work together in a symbiosis to create one of the most unforgettable experiences.

Whatever your gaming tastes, RE4 will blow you away by the end of it. There is not one moment where you can say anything bad at all about the game. There are moments of pure action and moments of silence. Both and anything in-between are equally engaging and keep you glued to the screen and forget about everything else. It is a unique experience which anyone should try. A true masterpeice of the gaming world which should be a reference point for anyone dreaming of making an epic game.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2003)

prince of persia sands of time

A game that followed a different path comapred to all other games and it actually prove it to be the best one. A small gimmick makes the concept of checkpoints questionable. In Prince of Persiea: Sands of Time you have the ability to reverse time whenever you make a mistake. This is well implemented within the overall story of the game and maybe it is the reason why not so many games attempted this approach even to this day. Even if the followoing sequels were a good play, SoT is till the best one to try out if you want to understand why this game make it to this top action games of all time.

Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven (2002)

Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven

One game that can easily be on the lips of many as one of the best classic games of all time. So different from what we were used to then, yet so much flow and believability between the characters and the story. What stands out in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is its level of difficulty. But this is not at all to stop you from playing it. The story value makes you go through hell and back to see Tommy Angelo’s next mission assignment to please the big guys. I rememeber the racing part which I did at least 50 times and I was still ready for the 51th time as I was for the first one. A game that you cannot plan to make it as good as it came out. You know how good it is after the whole world sees it.

Although the backbone of the story is the same idea of most famous mafia films it is still one of the best experiences to emerge into. A great game si a game that makes you want the character to win at all costs. When this is combined with the quality of being able to help him achieve his ultimate goals, this is pure gold. Films can only make you watch and hope. Games take this one step further and make you responsible for your good and bad decsioins you make along the way.

Final Words

Really unfortunate that the following installments did not manage to make it even close to what Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven is as a game. However, it is still a totally playable game. It easily goes under any list of top action games of all time, be it as small as a top 5 list.

What are your thoughts regarding this small lis of op acion games? Does it sounds well tou your ears or is there anything you would want to comment? Let us kow your thoughts on the comments section.

growotopia online hack no survey image

Growtopia Online Hack No Survey – Simple & SAFE

One of the most fun games on the internet is Growtopia. When it comes to the world of sandbox games, few games can beat Growtopia. However, just as most games of these type they have their own shortcomings. The biggest disadvantage in growtopia are the gems. Gems are the currency used din the game. The Robinson Technologies uses the gems currency to get their financial resources to run the game in optimal conditions. Gems are expensive. Some folks cannot afford them. This is why we need an alternative approach and this is to have a growtopia hack with no survey or download. The download versions are risky because they usually contain viruses. Our tool is online based, therefore you do not need to download any files to your device. Before you start using this growtopia online hack please read further.

growtopia hack online no survey proof 40000 free gems

Go straight to the official growtopia hack page clicking here on the following Free GT Gems website.

In order to make this growotopia hack no survey do the job you need to have an older account. New accounts are a problem when it comes to such tools. People are using multiple accounts generating more resources then they actually need. To keep the online hack at all times in working condtitions we need this implementation. This will help keep our servers filled with free growotopia gems regrdless of how many users are using it. However, there is one more aspect which will help our growtopia hack no survey have a long life spawn. Not just that but it will help keep your account safe.

Daily Limit of Free Gems

To keep your account safe there needs to be some limitations. Generating unlimited free gems will just make our tool easily traceable and your account as well. This is why we need limits implemented. These implementations mean that you cannot generate as many gems as you want. Go to the Free GT Gems website to check on how many gems can you actually generate per account. The limit deadline is at the end of the day of the ‎GMT+0 time zone. At hour 00:01 you will be able to generate again the same amount of free growtopia gems. As the tests showed these limitations are the reason why this growtopia hack with no survey produces great results in terms of effciency, safety and reliability.

How can I use this Growtopia Online Hack No Survey?

As you already know you must first visit the official growtopia hack page where you will have direct access to the actual tool. Here, you will need to fill in a few fields. There is no password required to type so there is no risk to steal your account. Next, you need to select the amount of free gems from the drop-down box. Check out the information regarding the amounts you can generate. Other amounts than the ones mentioned will not work. Next you will want to select your location. Although this is optional it will tremendously help receive the free gems faster and with a higher accuracy. Activate the next two features and then you are good to go. Click the genrate button to start the generating process. This is basically all you need to do. As soon as you reach the growtopia online hack page it will all be easy and intuitive.

growotopia hack online no survey screen

You can today have free gems in growtopia using this new growtopia hack with no survey. Why no survey? Since there are not so mamy people looking for how to get free gems on growtopia, our servers are still managing. However, if it happens that our servers get more users various implementations may be needed to decrease the usage of our limited resources.

How does this grwotopia hack helps the world of grwotopia in your opinion? Please leave a comment below or tell us on the contact page if you encounter any difficulties regarding this growtopia hack for gems.

roblox hack generator

Roblox Robux Hack Generator – Free Easy Robux

Similar to Growtopia (check this post for the growtopia online hack) there is another game which everybody loves. Roblox is another game for which we have been trying hard to develop a tool similar to the one for growotopia. Because roblox is played by teenagers we need various cheats. Teenagers and kids cannot afford to buy the robux as easy, therefore we need a roblox hack generator which will help everybody around the world. Teenagers from other countries have an even harder time purchasing the robux with real money. Some countries have lower wages compared to USA-like countries. A robux generator for roblox is imperative for these kind of groups. We are happy to finally have finished the safest and fastest roblox hack generator.

Where to Get The Roblox Hack Generator

In order to get the genuine roblox hack you need to go to this website. Here you will find the actual robux tool which can be accessed by anyone. Not just that but you can also use it from any device. There are no files to be downloaded to your device of choice, thereofre there is no risk to get hacked or malware. Our roblox hack generator is online based. All you need is to complete the necessary steps before you will receive thousands of free robux into your account. However, similar to the growtopia tool, this free robux tool also has a limitation upon the amount of free robux you can add.

The Robux Limit

In order to generate robux to your account you need to performe some basic steps. First, you need to type in your username. Secdondly, you need to select the amount of free robux that you want to add. However, you need to check the official roblox hack for robux page and check te exact amounts you can generate per day. This limit will keep your account in safe conditions while generating and using the robux generator for roblox.

roblox hack generator screenshot

Apart from entering the username and selecting the right amount of free robux there are other 3 more steps to do. You need to select your location (or the closest one) and to activate the safety features below the location tab. These are imperative as they will keep your account 100% safe. What these features do is producing a fake payment process into your account. This is a state of the art technoogy and not many such tools can do this today. The amount of free robux can go as high as 120000 per day. You can generate more than you could ever afford!

A Long Term Free Robux Solution

Roblox si a fun game and we are not trying to take the fun away from it. In order to make it fun we have the robux hack generator. But this has to be wisely developed as to help maintain the game in working conditions. For example, generating unlimited free robux would be a disaster and it would be a short term strategy. If we want a long-term solution for free robux we need to have various rather unconvetnional implementations such as the daily limit. We ar emoving into a different world and we must be open-minded if we want to stay on track.

roblox hack generator proof

We also need the roblox corporation have their share so they can support the game further. Without financial success for the developers there would be no roblox. This is why you are not able to generate free robux unless your acount is 2 months old or more. People will create new accounts everyday and our servers would get drained of the free robux pretty fast. So, it is a win win scenario if we consider the limitations imposed within this robux generator for roblox.

Roblox Hack Generator Example

What are your thoughts about this roblox hack generator? Do you think that the restrictions implemented are more hurtful than helpful? Share your thoughts on the comments section or add anything you want to add in regards to this free robux tool.