Domination is yet another (pretty) clone Clash of Clans

dominations cheats tips and tricksPrincipalities, the new game from Big Huge Games is available on the Play Store. It is a new clone of Clash of Clans, the mechanical differences games are minimal.

Announced at the end of last year, is expected dominations game because it is the result of development of a renowned studio in the world of PC gaming: Big Huge Games. The studio is particularly known for directing the excellent Rise of Nations. The developer is in fact a specialist gaming management and strategy, which surely explains why his new publisher Nexon stuck it on a copy of Clash of Clans.

And very specifically, the differences between rulers and Clash of Clans are played on the graphics and gameplay on some points . For graphics, we must recognize that the new title from Big Huge Games is rather successful. They remind strongly Age of Empires and a friendly cartoon rendering. For the gameplay in contrast, is much more circumspect. Quite simply, I think the tutorial of the game is identical in every respect to that of Clash of Clans.And mechanical management and development also seem identical in all respects. After building a few houses, a base city and a barracks, recovered some food and found a gold mine, you are asked to go to the player shave a barbaric base. The only notable difference with Clash of Clans is that we see his surviving units return to base after the raid carried out.


And like Clash of Clans, the game contains two types of resources. The first are harvested automatically and are within the game (gold, food, various materials), while the second, crowns can only be acquired through quests. Wreaths naturally serve to reduce the construction time and training of its units and quickly become indispensable if one wants to spend more time playing and less waiting . It is possible to buy in the game against 5.56 euros shop for the first prize and 111.44 euros for the latter.

Comments left by users on the Play Store suggests that domination is more varied than Clash of Clans. That may be the case for those who have already spent thousands of hours on the game Supercell. Beginners will see no difference. Anyway, the game is free to download, do not appear to contain pub but requires an Internet connection to be started and played.

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Best war bases 2015 Clash of Clans

There is a phrase that says, “Attack wins games, but defense wins championships,” but in the case of Clash of Clans, the base design wins war clan wars . Most of us spend a lot of time planning the best attack to get three stars, but defending your base is equal to or may even be more important in clan wars. Through your attacks can eventually contribute to a maximum of 6 stars in clan wars, but we can get to contribute even more with our defense making the opponent lose stars, that is why we present the best basis for war 2015 Clash of Clans .

Take for example this case, in a clan war and execute your two attacks roll a total of 5 star (as in your first attack destroys all the enemy base and the second attack only 90%); Now, the first attack on your base was defended successfully and no star took a second attack partially destroys your base and takes 1 star and a third attack on your base destroys 80% and takes one more star. If, perhaps you were removed 2 star but actually let the enemy win 7 star for attacking your base 3 times and only get two stars. In the example above you contribute not only to the war of clans with your five stars to attack, but you avoided the enemy clan seven pointed star.


Credit : Supercell

Defend your base starts with a design based war to clan warfare that achieves contain the enemy attacks and prevent Logres stars sign up.In many cases, wars are decided by 1 or 2 stars apart. After the  latest update Clash of Clans , winning wars not only gives prestige to your clan but now you can win prizes that include several benefits including extra spoils of war bonds, repayment of grants, improved troop donated and some more.

Sometimes we have a basis for the farming that also becomes our base of war as it is easy to simply copy distribution. This is a big mistake as there are many differences between a base for farming and a base for war, then we will show you several good designs military base .

Maybe you’re more interested in designing your own base, here you will find several tips: Top 5 Tips for designing the best base in Clash of Clans .

Best from war council level 5

In the design basis for Clash of Clans it is important not surround yourself all your buildings with a single circle of walls. Try placing some buildings in the corners because sometimes the attacker ran out of time before you can reach all the buildings preventing you get 3 stars.

clash of clans base design

Base council of war with five funnels strong snares

clash of clans base design2

Base funnels strong central defense traps and long range

clash of clans base design3

Base war with single pipeline and castle located in the center of the base to prevent the troops out easily

clash of clans base design4

Traps without walls attract troops and the troops of the castle will be difficult to remove

clash of clans base design5

Castle clan and traps centralized around the for a surprise

clash of clans base design6

The base design distracts the giant with the barrel located outside the walls as they are strongly attacked by your defenses.

Best from war council level 6

Here are 3 of the best designs of war bases Town hall 6 , each has a different concept designs.


Call “time is over” because the time ended before the attacker takes 3 star


Stores attract funnels traps attackers while they do their job mortars


Stores distract enemy troops while your defenses just with the attackers

Best from war council level 7

The attacks dragons are the most popular at this level. The bases presented here include good addition to channeling air defense for ground troops.

clash of clans town hall base war

clash of clans town hall base war

The castle of the clan and the barbarian king along with a strong centralized air defense in the center make this base a war council in July the strong. Funnels traps outside the bases are very effective against the giants.

clash of clans town hall base anti dragon

clash of clans town hall base anti dragon

War council base 7 with a strong air defense. Warehouses and exhaust dark elixir distract attackers.

Strong pipeline and buildings in the corners so that the attacker going long distances. The castle in the center of the base is well defended.

Best war bases municipality level 8

Halloween update brought fourth mortar bases with City Hall 8. Here some base designs wars with eight anti hall dragons and anti montapuercos with 4 mortars.

clash of clans town hall base war anti area

clash of clans town hall base war anti area

Air defenses located in the center of the base makes it almost impossible to get 3 stars dragons attacks. Sets explosives, traps and channeling make it very strong against the montapuercos.

clash of clans town hall base war

clash of clans town hall base war

Design sarcastic with a good pipeline. If the attacker does not know what he does learn to hate cheating. Very effective!

clash of clans war base

clash of clans war base

Design especially strong against the montapuercos. The attacker need montapuercos and healing spells to defeat high level.

Base war council GoWiPe 10 for strikes, GoWiWi and lava hounds

On the basis of war level 10 troops inside the castle of clan play an important role and should avoid leaving the castle before enemy troops approaching. The tactic of placing buildings in the corners no longer work because you have so many buildings that occupy almost the entire map. If the council got better recently at level 10 and still not have the infernal tower, perhaps you’d be better off using a design Hall 9 as those shown above.

clash of clans war base town hall

clash of clans war base town hall

This war base level 10 includes the castle in a very difficult clan to take the troops without the attacker uses many of his troops location.

This is how most attacks unfold:

  • The montapuercos are destroyed near the center of the base by the infernal towers and giant bombs.
  • The bombastic attacks balloons are with air defenses and then with the infernal towers and tesla towers. Air traps are located where air defenses have less coverage.
  • The GoWiPe attacks (golems, wizards and PEKKAs) and GoWiWi(Golems, witches and magicians) have overcome many problems in this village because they can not get the troops who are inside the castle of clan besides that eliminated many heroes troops.

Jump traps located at the top of the base to prevent the attacking troops to move rapidly towards the town hall. Builders huts troops will divide and follow different paths.

We expect the best from war 2015 Clash of Clans give you some good ideas for designing your base of war. In clan wars it is your responsibility not only make good attacks, but also prevent your enemies join stars. Remember, “Attack wins games, but defense wins championships”

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